Monday, April 20, 2009

Heavenly Beds?

A WSJ contained an article called "Hotels 'Go to the Mattresses. The Book article explains that washing blankets and bedspreads is pricey. The dimensions are critical : the width shouldn't be any more than is snug to reach across ( for weeding, planting, cropping and such like ) from either pathway. When arranging the layout of the deep beds, attempt to align them so the length of the beds is on a north-south axis, to give the crops maximum benefit from the sunlight, and when making plans for the cropping of the beds don't forget to site the tall crops on the northern side so they don't cast a shadow over the lower growing crops. However, if you've got any difficulty with slugs or snails ( and who doesn't? ), you can quickly find that these offer a beautiful tiny haven for them. Don't forget, you may possibly be wheeling a barrow down them at some point, and a straight line is the shortest route between 2 points. Learn more on the topic of dog beds for large dogs.

The incorporation of enormous amounts of organic material implies that the finished bed has a surface many inches higher than the pathway on either side. I have discussed this to my partner and to work mates I have travelled with.

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