Monday, May 11, 2009

Traits Of The Dog.

Head and skull : Head is medium length, skull broad between the ears. They've been thought to be forceful with their experts if they suspect that they have taken a step up the "pack" ladder. They have enormous hearts and are extraordinarily loving and conscientious. Though they are definitely an awfully imposing dog, and most will protect if need be, it isn't fair to have a dog if your sole reason for desiring one is to guard you. ) one ) Select one that approaches you or does not shy away when you approach. Select one that appears friendly, permits you to hold him / her and handle him / her.

When we went to select our first Rottweiler puppy, I was convinced that I needed a female Rotti. The male puppy walked right up to my hand and started to happily chew on my diamond engagement ring. Meet the folks first and observe their behavior before getting attached to a puppy. The rule looks to be a female dog should have at most only three litters in her lifetime for perfect breeding results.

Rottweilers - and huge dogs sometimes - can have issues with their back hips ( hip dysplasia ). Large dog beds. Again this isn't a for dead cert but you can rest a little less complicated knowing if they have found any appearances of possible future issues.

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