Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Free Poetry Contests.

The methods the winners are selected have zilch to do with the "best poem. To self publish, you have to take on the cost of printing, selling, distributing and storing of your manuscript.

However, you will keep 100 percent of the profits from your book sales. You can work with an arrogance press, that will print and bind the book for a significant fee. Some conceitedness publishers don't need upfront money, but need payment for other "services" like modifying, set up charges, promotional charges, or they may ask authors to buy their own books for resale. Click now for articles about large dog beds. You're still predicted to pay an enormous fee for the price of publishing, but you don't own the books once made public and you receive only a part of the profits from book sales. The sole benefit over self-importance press is the guarantee to market and market your work. Com They never read the poems And never select a genuine winner This is all merely a trick And this poem is bad So try this out yourself And see who gets selected To go to Washington And get into their book You will then see that they seem to be a con. Most other "free" poetry contests are just the same.

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