Friday, April 23, 2010

Either Tame The Bull, Or, You may Eat The Crow!

And if Bull frogs had wings they would not bump their tiny rear-end when they landed.

As Plain As Black And White.

It's been expounded ; if you invest one percent of your time in study, thinking and planning, you'll make a superb difference in the swiftness with which you achieve your goals.

You might be walking down the road, or giving an address.

Goals are achieved by taking the bull by the horn and wrestling that lad to the ground.

Writing the goal down gives it purpose and lucidity. You've got to know what you are going after or else how can you know if you ever get it? Writing the goal down also will make an impression on your memory. As an idea comes to our minds, that we have an interest in, we have a tendency to investigate the concept with our "thinker cap", and define if we are able to reach it. This is a top article about large breed dog beds.

If the idea has merit, we continue to research until we either find ourselves blowing and going like a locomotive, or fizzling out like a wet fuse. A positive perspective is the generator that brings all kinds of great things to you. The bulls in your life will bring the advantages of ; grief, disaster, crisis, illness, death and such like in any person's life with the "devil is after me mind-set". You may as well be reaching for a clouded crystal ball, and reciting, twinkle twinkle tiny star, how I'm wondering what you are.

Therefore you'll set a sequence of steps that need to be reached to go to a higher level or higher position.

After you rise to the occasion and present the prize to oneself, then next time you set out to do a goal, you'll be psychologically prepared to snatch the entire enchilada, take a licking and keep on ticking.

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