Saturday, June 12, 2010

Learn German Words.

Here are two suggestions to help you to improve your language talents and to make you a better German speaker. An excellent source of material is if you purchase a German paper or mag. Take a bit of paper, create a list of these words and write the interpretation next to it. ) The same Administration that had no issue with going in and telling states like China and Afghanistan what type of regime they should have and the way in which that executive should be treating its voters and captives wasn't only brushing aside some of the elemental rights this country was built on, but was entering into forms of torture against foreign prisoners that it knew were illegal under treaties the US had already signed and that stole prisoners of their basic human dignities and rights. Members of the same party that hit Clinton for hiding behind legal language and details to cover the undeniable fact that he was given oral sex from a girl ( I didn't have sex with that lady. Reread your list of words and try and memorise the words and the sounds they makes as you pronounce them. It may seem uninteresting and monotonous but this strategy will guarantee glorious results.
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