Wednesday, July 21, 2010 : The French Touch to Dating Conquers Britain.

X large dog beds. "Scoblete's new book shows real life of dice influencing about as exactingly as Hogan's Heroes showed life in a World War Two German POW camp. I spend an hour and a half each work day on a train, so I'm going thru books fast. In all of the betting books I have read, I'll unquestionably say that irrespective of how poorly written or conceived the book was, I have always found some saving quality in the book. If a good betting book is similar to a savory filet mignon, this book is more similar to the stuff they feed folks on telly show, Fear Factor. For arguments sake, we'll presume that "Millions" means something more than 1 or 2 million, 10,000,000 would be a fair kick off point, and it's at least implied that it also implies millions in net profit. Last spring, Frank Scoblete guestimated that there are less than two hundred talented "dice controllers" operating in America. "Our position in France is now extraordinarily robust and we can intensify our global development", announces David Body, founder and director of Amoureux. 2,000,000 pages viewed ( figures from Weborama ) and between ten thousand to fifty thousand new members a month.

This success is due to solid communication and advertising in both those nations, but also thanks to the name of the site itself, "Our French name bears meaning even out of French talking nations" asserts David Body. "The system remains the same", attests Philippe Apter," though it's been evolved to the local market". Each version has a team working for it, on promoting and content. Scoblete raids Jerry Patterson's PARR organization of the majority of the training staff and Golden Touch Craps is born. Why? As the average Joe will think it's actually "neat" that Frank Scoblete put them in his book. This regardless of the proven fact that the An and E special was essentially a feel-good piece. The crazy thing about the An and E special is that the dicecoach, who was the target, invited Frank Scoblete to join him.

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