Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The German Shepherd Dog - German Lines Or American Lines - Which Are Better?

These breed has gone in separate directions in Germany and America. Now, German Shepherds bred in Germany have a totally different look and a different personality from those bred in America. Different breeders have different preferences as to which they like, German lines, or American lines.

First let me explain the way the many dog breeds and dog associations are organized. This world dog organisation was constituted on May 22nd 1911 and its main mission is to advocate and preserve thoroughbred dogs around the globe. The primary activity of the FCI is to link all of the dog clubs around the planet so as to have consistent breed standards. More, it insures that all of the pedigrees and the judges are recognised by all FCI members bilaterally. The organisation has 84 members, one of each country.

The sole significant exceptions are the U. S. , Britain and Canada. The FCI has ten groups which include the different breeds : first Group, Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs ( with the exception of Swiss Cattle Dogs ) second Group, Pinschers and Schnauzers - Molossoids - Swiss Mountain Dogs, Swiss Cattle Dogs third Group, Terriers ( big and medium ) fourth Group, Dachshunds fifth Group, Spitz and Primitive Types 6th Group, Smell hounds and Related Breeds seventh Group, Pointing Dogs 8th Group, Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs 9th Group, Companion and Toy Dogs tenth Group, Sight hounds The German Shepherd dog breed is part of the herding group. They have lost the natural, in-born, protecting instinct that was a highly rated feature of the breed. Many German Shepherd Dog are of little price as trusty guard dogs. A German Shepherd Dog with a robust protecting nature must not be confused with and over-aggressive animal. Years back this was the kind of behaviour once could expect from most German Shepherd Dogs. Why has this modified? A primary reason for that is possibly because many breeders of German Shepherd Dog, who focus on breeding dogs which will win at shows, aren't paying acceptable attention to correct personality. There's no doubt that top German Shepherd Dog show winners today are rather more strikingly hunky animals than they have ever been. They're so uniform in appearance that judges, for most of the time, are only ready to separate them by concentrating on minor faults in construction. The North American German Shepherd isn't admitted by the FCI as a real German Shepherd dog.
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