Friday, October 7, 2011

Stop Gathering Things and Clear Your Thoughts.

Consider how much our minds are taxed and weighed down by our things. We worry they would get damaged or broken or worn. We may feel hysteria or stress or cry if we lose or break them. Whether the thing is of major use or simply a burden, we keep hold of the responsibility in our minds. In our country we are so loaded with things. There are real life shows that teach folks how to eliminate their things.

There are executives who will come in and organise your things. While exploring the waters of the Mississippi Stream in 1673, Pa Jacques Marquette saw a painting that led to a mixed sense of fear and awe. He described the painting as that which showed 2 monsters. The colours green, red, and black were used to show the monster. Cheap large dog beds. He said that according to the stories of the locals that live in the Mississippi brook there used to be an enormous flying monster that came in the shape of a bird. It feeds on flesh, though not just any animals flesh. For a long while the locals attempted to exterminate the savage animal as it continually feeds on their tribesmen. Nevertheless their attempts led straight to screw ups and the demise of their famous soldiers. When the bird animal flew toward Outaga, the soldiers released their poisoned arrows, successfully putting an end point to the risks and threats of the monster. To remind them of their achievement and the courageous act of Chief Ouataga, the tribesmen inscribed the picture of the Piasa on a cliff above the Mississippi Brook . I've had to stop myself from purchasing attire, sheets, dishes, blankets. Perhaps we could try and tell ourselves we have enough.

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