Sunday, December 18, 2011

Breast Cancer Poems - 2 Reasons Explaining Why Creating Sonnets Helps Breast Cancer Patients Cope.

There are several reasons that explain why writing, particularly writing poems, can help folk cope as they are going thru tricky times. And being diagnosed as having breast cancer and going thru treatments very definitely qualifies as a hard time. This has been tried in exact clinical trials, so its not only my own unverified evidence that supports it.

It is currently known that cigarette usage is the thing that causes lung cancer in 85-90% of all cases. The carcinogenic aftermath of smoking cigarettes act on the tissue in the lungs in time and malignancies develop 1st in the bronchial tubes and then spread to the remainder of the lungs.

Naturally in the initial half of the 1900s no-one needed to accept that the pandemic in carcinoma of the lung had anything to do with the damaging consequences of smoking. In reality they didn't even wish to accept that smoking was dangerous and wanted to believe just what the tobacco makers told them and that is that the aftermath of tobacco were relaxing and advantageous to the mind. Folks assumed this because there were not any facts to prove otherwise. The social acknowledgment of smoking among males and females and the rise in the numbers of smokers in society couldn't be a coincidence. Large dog beds

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