Friday, January 11, 2013

Prince Vlad the Impaler Dracula and the Impalement!

Creighton had provided the Germans with the data of that raid to prove he used to be a real German double agent. Certainly any English agent entering the Irish republic would have done so by taking the ferry to Belfast and driving across the unmarked border, or even better fly across in half in hour, and the roles done. My mummy was in an intelligence unit in the WRENS thru the war and wrote her memoirs later, a book that I have lately revisited. Here is a excellent link on the theme of extra large dog beds. Prince Vlad the Impaler- Dracula, that lived in the XV century in Walachia, has ruled his country for 3 times during his life, but only the second reign between 1456 and 1462 was the most topical, being his longest and most crucial reign. The other 2 reigns were really short, lasting six and eight weeks : the 1st one in September-October 1448, and the 3rd, between Nov - December 1472.

After he became ruler of Walachia in 1456, the 1st purposes of Vlad the Impaler were to sanction the order within the country and to fortify the state authority. Among more executive calls, Vlad The Impaler also started a powerful campaign against the burglars, thieves and law breakers who may be met everywhere : in the towns, on the primary roads or in the woods attacking the travelers, particularly the merchandisers. The troughness of Vlad the Impalers strategies has fast spread the fright in the country, so tha t the amount of breaches has shortly reduced.

There are far more views about the provenance of the impalement. File it under fiction, treat it for what it is, and you may just like it. Anything greater than that, and Id be surprised, but on the other hand.

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