Friday, October 23, 2009

Taking the Bull by the Horns.

A man can stand a lot so long as he will be able to stand himself. Success isn't Last and Failure isn't lethal.

The bulls in your life will bring the benefits of ; grief, disaster, crisis, illness, death and so on in any person's life with the "devil is after me mind-set". Did I hear somebody say, yea, but the world has given me a raw deal? Did you realize that the majority whom have taken an inspiring course thought of themselves as a failure when they entered the course? In a careful study of the explanations folk take these courses, a major pattern has resulted. The explanations they give are a sad story of the reasons for failure. They're all announcing in essence, I got the shaft. When you're right, so will be your world. His dad opened a mag and found a massive picture of the planet. He then gave the pieces to Tommy and said, if you can put this world back together, I may give you a greenback figuring this would take him all day. Tommy took the scraps of paper and in 10 mins had put the world back together.

His pa claimed Tommy how did you do it so fast? Tommy claimed it was straightforward. I found an image of a person on the opposite side so, I thought if I got the person right the world would be also. We are a product of our perception of fact. Why is it that some folk faint at the look of a cockroach and others regard it as a delicacy and eat it? How is it that we see folks being cured of their fears in a matter of hours? I mean it took a complete lifetime to build that fear and folk can be rid of it in an hour or two? Consider the circumstances of fear. Thus we see that we will be able to overcome our fears. It's a matter of breaking down the different parts of your fear, into bite size chunks ( excuse the joke ). -Feel the emotive reaction to your fear. Put simply, feel your heart battering, your gut churning, your hair standing on end and focus on the physical feeling. It is often said that the body can't experience the emotional feelings of fear while focusing on the physical effects. -Concentrate on reversing the physical events. -Your emotional inclusion and the explanations behind it. Was failure not tolerated in your house, growing up ; were you caught in a swarm of bees one day? -Visualize the result you wish to have. Imagine stroking the loving dog ; having a smooth, uneventful, turbulence free flight ; getting the raise you merit. -Think of the amazing feeling of private power you'll have, when you stop permitting this 'phantom' to rule part of your life. Something always has to happen to break the pattern of defeat. The victory that's always inside us won't show itself until we are ready. He stopped and started to run the other way. Then he recalled the hero in the books he had read and began straight towards the bully. Ben started battling with such backbone that caught the bully by surprise. He stood up in the face of fear and decided he would not be pushed around by his bully.

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